Assist Handyman

Blinds installation (venetian, roman, vertical, roller)
Replace light bulbs
Replacing toilet seats
Cat flaps installation
Curtain rails installation
Draught exclusion
Flat screen TV wall installation
Locks and door handles installation
Mirror and picture hanging
Baby proofing of the house (stair gates etc.)
Hang pictures and mirrors
Assembling flat pack furniture
Put up shelves
Fit blinds and curtains


Gates and fence repairs
Driveway and patio pressure washing,de-mossing and weed killing
Autumn leaf clearing


Front door and window frame painting
Stain removal
Painting, interior  walls, ceilings and wood
Filling cracks and holes

Repairing or renewing old grout

There is always something that needs doing, the list is endless, fixing, fitting, building, repairing, filling, sealing and hanging and the list goes on and on. Our handyman service is particularly aimed at those of us who don't have the time, skills, necessary tools to do the jobs ourselves.

Handyman charges:

  • Only £20 for the first half-hour, or first hour £32.00

  • £25 for every hour thereafter Monday to Saturday*

After 6pm and or Sundays, the rate changes to £35 for the first half-hour or £50.00 for the first hour and £40.00 for every hour thereafter.

We don't charge a call out fee for works; however call outs for quotes yield a flat £20 charge. This is redeemable if works progress.

Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing:

  • We require payment immediately upon completion of works..

  • If we have agreed to invoice you, payment terms are 7 days from the date of the invoice.

Economical Rates:

If you have a lot of work for us to do, it may be more cost effective for you to benefit from our savings (up to 4hrs) or full day (up to 8 working hours). The price is as it follows:

  • Half-day (0-4 hrs) - £94.50 (you save 10%)

  • Full day rate (0-8hrs) - £174.25 (you save 15%)